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    We offer a software solution and expert knowledge for simulating crowds in big infrastructures, events or virtual worlds.

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Vision of uCrowds®

Software that is interactive

SimCrowds® facilitates the process of re-using environments and environment data. The easy configuration and modelling of the simulation in that environment is using a pragmatic and intuitive interface. Unique is the interaction with the crowd in its environment during the simulation. This empowers the collective visual feedback and iteration of your team and your customers.

We listen: e-mail your challenge.

Features of the software

We made a high-quality product and our code is very clean, tested, and well documented.

We love transparency: all components of our engine have been described in (our) internationally published scientific papers.

Complex environments

SimCrowds® supports 2D environments as well as large 3D multi-layered environments, such as train stations or complex buildings.

Our software is unique because it represents the exact walkable spaces.

Efficient simulation

SimCrowds® facilitates real-time simulation of 100.000 individually controlled pedestrians (on a fast PC). Moreover, it supports more than 1 million pedestrians on one PC (not in real-time).

This allows quick development cycles, fast simulations, and shorter project times.

Interactive environments

SimCrowds® supports interactive changes in the environment and simulation scenario.

Hence, modelling time is reduced. In addition, obstacles can be added, deleted, or moved, and the simulation is updated accordingly in real-time.

Advanced behaviours

SimCrowds® supports advanced behaviours, including social groups, realistic collision avoidance, social distancing, flow behaviours and route changes when it is getting crowded.

Moreover, each individual pedestrians can be controlled and own behaviours can be added.

Continuous developments

SimCrowds® is supported by Utrecht University by many staff members and students. Output from new research is continuously added to the software.

With this, we offer a healthy foundation of applications that facilitate high-quality, real-time crowds.

Projects we have carried out

We have carried out several projects, including crowd-flow optimizations, evacuation studies, and AR studies. Click on the images below for more information.

The projects were carried out for the following clients.

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Development built on research and proven technology

Our core crowd simulation engine is a software library made in C++, with an API written in C. We have created C++ and C# wrappers for this API so that this engine can be integrated into many types of software products. Our engine provides the basic functionalities required for simulating a crowd. It embodies three main functionalities: computing a representation of the walkable areas in an environment, performing interactively the actual simulation in this environment representation, and gathering statistics.

Using the core engine and its API, we have created a Unity3D plug-in for the popular Unity3D game engine that allows other developers to create serious or entertainment games/simulations involving crowds in the language C#. Our simulation product has also been built with the plug-in. Many application areas benefit from the game technology that we provide: examples are interactivity, 3D virtual worlds, AR/VR, and high-quality graphics.

With this plug-in, we have built our simulator. We used the simulator in our recent projects. See the documentation for the technical details of the plug-in.