New uCrowds website image

New uCrowds website

We have a new and improved website! Now you can read in more detail who we are and what we do.

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MT/Sprout and social distancing image

MT/Sprout and social distancing

We explain how we simulate and predict crowds. This interview series was created for all 10 winners of the academic startup competition.

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Urban Mobility Hackathon image

Urban Mobility Hackathon

We are very proud of the ad-hoc Dutch/Latvian/Chinese “Team Čupa” who have been awarded the 2nd place in the VEFRESH Urban Mobility Hackathon in Latvia.

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Wisdom about the crowd image

Wisdom about the crowd

Wisdom about the crowd. That’s the title of an article on our Utrecht University spin-off uCrowds BV in the December 2020 edition of I/O Magazine.

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