100.000 cake celebration

We celebrate with a cake that we have crossed the 100 000 threshold in our interactive, real-time pedestrian simulator. Our academic startup, uCrowds, offers a software solution and consultancy for simulating crowds in small to big infrastructures, events, or virtual worlds. For instance, we are making simulations for preparations for the Vuelta (with Movares) and the Eurovision song contest with our product that we will launch soon. We’re welcoming launching customers using e.g. Skype/TeamViewer. This will be announced later.

Unfortunately, it is a cake in Corona times. There is actually little to celebrate the coming time because gatherings are cancelled (for a good reason), and the event industry (like other industries) are taking heavy casualties.

Our employees and students are now working at home to avoid physical contact, so the cake is waiting patiently in the freezer.

Let’s stay positive and keep on celebrating the good things!

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