Interactively 100.000 agents

We are proud to present our next performance update: interactive simulation of 100 000 pedestrians.

While our simulation engine could already easily handle 100K pedestrians in real-time, it took some effort to visualize and animate the crowd with an acceptable frame rate (42 fps on a fast PC/GPU) in a 3D-environment. This has been made possible by the powerful engine of Unity Technologies, and Mèir, Stijn, Yiran, Nick, Ricky and Anne.

During these strange Covid-times, crowds of 100K people are rare. However, smaller crowds (of say 20 000 people) can be simulated >32 times real-time. In that case, the simulation of a 4-hour event takes 7.5 minutes. Hence, faster iteration times and better interactivity with your clients are now possible.

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