SimCrowds + expert = impact

We proudly present a typical use case for simulation with social distancing: putting SimCrowds into practice.

From the user-experience design perspective of SimCrowds, we have put usability and interactivity at the heart of the software so that experts and end users have an intuitive learning curve. We have seen this put into practice. The project was carried out by our external expert within two weeks, including learning the software and presenting the results to the end client. We think that’s just amazing, and we are very happy :-).

Combining our simulation experiences in the industrial sector and past (corona related) projects using data science, we were able to quickly adopt SimCrowds. By building a digital twin of the Utrecht city office, we were able to provide useful advice on how to manage employee and visitor flow. - Berend Steenhuisen (Nobleo Manufacturing)

We have put many man-years of work into the design, which has resulted in the advice movie below. It shows some simulations in the Utrecht city office, tuned with data from before covid-19, with and without measures when social distancing is applied to the visitors and civil servants.

It’s great to see computer science from up close and watch it transform the way we analyze group behavior. During covid-19 it brings us an extra perspective to a matter that is currently a hot topic all over the world: How do we make safe use of our buildings? I’m happy to see that the project has resulted in concrete measures we can take in our building. - Hinke Hoitzing (Municipality of Utrecht)

Working together with Nobleo Manufacturing was great. With their domain knowledge, studies for public schools, mixing simulation with planning, optimizing planning schedules with the use of crowd simulation technology, they are an ideal expert. We’re really looking forward to working with them again and to empower their expertise with SimCrowds.

For SimCrowds, we are looking for more feedback from experts using SimCrowds in their domain to facilitate impact.

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