Digital twins for safe events

We help the Gemeente Nijmegen to realize a digital twin city. Together with various organizations, we will be building an innovative 3D model of the city in the coming years. This allows us to improve the organization and safety of major events such as the Vierdaagse, Vierdaagsefeesten, and concerts.

The ‘digital twin city’ helps everyone involved in the organization of an event by translating the physical world into a simulated 3D event site.

Being part of the Field lab ‘Large-Scale Events’, we will develop applications of this practical model in a consortium over the next five years for the entire cycle around event organization, from plan to evaluation. When all parties have access to the same information at all stages, the risk of errors is smaller and safety can be better guaranteed.

After the first development phase, which is expected to be completed in early 2022, the Digital Twin can be used in planning the layout of the public space, the event site and for the permit application and assessment. This process becomes more efficient because all requirements and available relevant data are now transparent in one system.

A follow-up phase in the development will be simulating and monitoring visitor flows and crowds before and during the event, so that better crowd management and enforcement are possible. This ensures better, realistic preparation for the organizer and security services, where all parties have the same data at their disposal, so that they can, for example, explore the event area or practice incidents.

The goal of the Field lab is to make this digital twin city nationally deployable, so that event organizers can plan their event in different cities in the same way in the future. That is why there is also a lot of attention in the process of applying data and algorithms carefully, safely, fairly, openly and verifiably.

The Field lab Big scale Events Nijmegen is formed by the Nationale Politie Nederland, municipality of Nijmegen, Veiligheidsregio Gelderland-Zuid, ACBN Evenementenbureau - Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten, Stichting DE 4DAAGSE. Partners include the Kadaster, het Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid (IFV), uCrowds, Esri Nederland, MOJO concerts and Cyclomedia Technology.

Please let us know if we can help you with your digital twin!

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