Synthetic Environments and Immersive Technologies

We collaborated with CAE, a high-technology company at the leading edge of digital immersion that shares similar values as uCrowds.

Together with CAE’s Synthetic Environments and Immersive Technologies team, uCrowds created a real-time, interactive crowd simulation with large-scale pattern of life within their city-scale digital representation of London. The city’s digital twin provides an accurate overview of London, including infrastructural elements such as power network, traffic, communication lines, and, to achieve an authentic lifelike perspective, people.

uCrowds’ high-performance crowd simulation engine, integrated into CAE’s synthetic environment, demonstrated a persistent population size of 100.000 in the city with a minimum crowd size of 50.000 pedestrians converging at Trafalgar Square. We believe this capability can contribute to any simulation and training application that can benefit from a realistically populated city, especially one that may require human interactivity.

From a technical point of view, our uCrowds engine was adopted to run on many Unreal Engine servers in the (Amazon Web Services (AWS)) cloud, enabling real-time simulation of millions of pedestrians in a realistic-looking environment created with the technologies from Cesium and Hadean.

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