Crowd Simulation Course at Utrecht University

As this year’s Crowd Simulation Course at Utrecht University came to an end, we have been working on visualizing the impressive results of the students' progress.

During four weeks of the course, the 12 student groups (with 2-5 members) faced many challenges while using and developing new game technologies. In such a short time, they accomplished to learn the Unreal Engine and Unity game engines and got familiar with uCrowds' crowd simulation engine.

Students were free to choose between a set of various focus groups such as the Utrecht University Crowd Simulation engine, Unreal plugin, Unity plugin, and theoretical improvements of multi-layered navigation meshes. Naturally, each category required a different way of conceptualizing the problem, and this resulted in remarkable results where no two approaches are alike.

In addition, students received feedback from Sébastien Lozé from Epic Games and the uCrowds' crew.

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