Interview Seoul Halloween drama

Crowd disasters are unfortunately all too common, as we have seen most recently in Seoul. A massive crowd can quickly turn into a disaster if people are not able to move freely and safely, which can lead to serious casualties. This serves as a stark reminder of the importance of pedestrian safety.

In light of the recent events, de Volkskrant has reached out to analyse how these incidents can be anticipated and prepared for. While no technology can fully prevent crowd disasters, simulation can play an essential role in reducing the likelihood of such tragedies occurring.

By using crowd simulation to map out pedestrian flow, understanding the behaviour of crowds, and monitoring it properly, it is possible to identify likely bottlenecks and prevent overcrowding. This information can then be used by authorities and decision-makers to design public spaces that are safe for everyone and plan evacuation routes to deal with emergencies.

You can read more about how these simulations are created and managed in the article below (in Dutch). Besides our research at Utrecht University, my colleagues’ work at Delft University of Technology (Dorine Duives) and Politieacademie / University of Groningen (Otto Adang) are featured.

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