Innovative Crowd Simulation Game: Engaging Visitors at Universiteits Museum Utrecht

Throughout the past year, uCrowds and the Universiteits Museum Utrecht have worked together to develop an interactive crowd simulation game on a touch table, aiming to deeply engage museum visitors. This innovative game is aimed to engage museum visitors and prompts visitors to adeptly manage pedestrian flows in a virtual cityscape representative of Gemeente Utrecht, all within a 3-minute timeframe.

Through the implementation of inventive and user-friendly interactions methods, we let both adults and children engage with simulated pedestrians. They need to try and improve the crowd flow on this busy day. To control the flows, we use unique physical pucks as input devices to control obstacles and one-way directions.

This immersive installation showcases the intricate dynamics of crowd behavior of 10 000 pedestrians. It shows the multifaceted challenges of urban planning and event coordination that are frequently faced by municipalities.

The table consists of many components. Central to this interactive platform is TerraCrowds, uCrowds' advanced and universal crowd simulation engine. The physical table was constructed by Kloosterboer Decor B.V., the physical pucks by 100%FAT, the spatial design by Platvorm (Taco de Bie) and the UI drafts are from YIPP.

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