Turning data into insights SimCrowds: Statistical tools

In this part of our posts on innovative UX solutions, we dive into the world of statistics. SimCrowds offers a comprehensive overview of statistical insights, ensuring that you can fine-tune your simulation.

Live statistics on the go Simulating crowds requires not just intuitive tools and quantitative input data, it also needs accurate statistical analysis tools. With SimCrowds, it is possible to get real-time insights into an ongoing simulation. These statistics are divided into three main categories:

Global: This category gives you a global view of the simulation with global statistics. You can monitor the number of pedestrians present in the scenario, and assess speed-related information. These global insights help you make informed decisions during the simulation.

Area (building block): These data are specific to an existing area in the simulation, such as marked by a Waypoint or an arbitrary area defined by a Counter block. This allows you to discover insights on traveling times, waiting times, speed and flow information, and more. This helps you to get insights on how pedestrians interact with specific parts of the environment.

Pedestrian: For a more detailed overview, SimCrowds keeps track of individual pedestrians, and stores information about e.g. pedestrian profiles, travel times and waiting times. This information allows you to spot specific trends and behaviors within your simulation.

Export and analyze SimCrowds enables you to export simulation data for in-depth analysis outside the software. The statistics gathered during the simulation are exportable as raw data. This information can be saved to and analyzed in your preferred spreadsheet software. It includes information on the Area and Pedestrian levels.

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