Running 30 000 animated characters at 60fps in 4K with Unity WebGL

Embracing the Unity3D pipeline and our WebAssembly-based software development, we managed to bring SimCrowds' simulation and visualization technology to the browser. We enabled the visualization of more than 30000 animated characters with a framerate of 60fps in a browser with 4K resolution, including the complete crowd simulation to let them navigate in a virtual environment.

We solved that by the utilization of parallelism in WebAssembly through a deployment with the Unity3D-WebGL pipeline. This enables the performance that could also empower your Digital Twin solutions based on Unity. With the upcoming WebGPU support, we will widen that performance envelope even further.

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Unity has a long commitment to browser-based deployments. In 2015, Unity switched from their browser plugin to WebGL for browser deployment. Now in 2023, we see the WebGPU beta coming, paving the way for more performant visualization in the browser, which is the way forward for every Digital Twin implementation.

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