Project Dutch election image

Project Dutch election

Our second project around COVID-19 solutions was to determine the capacity of polling stations for the parliamentary elections of March 2021.

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Academic Startup gold award! image

Academic Startup gold award!

We are very honored to announce that uCrowds is one of the 10 winners of the Academic Startup Competition 2020, organized by Techleapnl, Vereniging van Universiteiten (VSNU) and Secretariat AcTI.

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Featured in Dagblad BN DeStem image

Featured in Dagblad BN DeStem

Our opinion article on the usage of science and technology for keeping public spaces safe was published in Dagblad BN DeStem.

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Sports events during COVID-19 image

Sports events during COVID-19

I’m proud that our project ‘Towards safe indoor and semi-indoor sports events during the COVID-19 pandemic’ was accepted.

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Academic Startup 20 finalists image

Academic Startup 20 finalists

I’m proud that uCrowds BV is one of the 20 finalists of the Academic Startup Competition, organized by Vereniging van Universiteiten (VSNU), Secretariat AcTI and Techleapnl.

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