Utrecht University Crowd Simulation API
Getting Started 3: Running the GUI Demo

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This page helps you start up the GUI demo project and use it to learn about the API's features.

Angelos Kremyzas
Wouter van Toll


The C++ code contains two demo projects grouped under UUCSDemos solution.

This page explains how to run and use the GUIDemo project.

Note: The GUIDemo project requires some command arguments to produce results. For example, in Visual Studio, they can be set in Project->Properties->Configuration Properties->Debugging->Command Arguments. If you run the demo project as a .exe file, you can specify the same arguments in the command prompt. If you run the project (e.g. by pressing Ctrl+F5 in Visual Studio, or by launching the .exe from a prompt) without the correct command arguments, you will also see extra information about the arguments to include.

A command argument should always be given in the form -c value, where c is a character denoting a particular parameter, and value is the corresponding value.

GUIDemo Project

In GUIDemo, you can load an environment from an ENV/PRI file, compute its navigation mesh (ECM), add some characters to the simulation, set goals to these characters and visualize the results.

Screenshot of the GUI demo project

Screenshot of the GUI demo project

Command Arguments

GUIDemo* has the following command arguments:

Examples of valid arguments:


In the GUIDemo window, you can use the mouse and the keyboard to edit simulations: