SimCrowds is a software program designed for crowd management experts. This user-friendly application enables you to create and simulate crowds in various environments.

User friendliness first

SimCrowds has been designed to match our user’s needs. SimCrowds is user friendly. There are no difficult menus or unnecessarily complex options to create a simulation. Our product uses modern interface designs you are familiar with from websites, games and everyday applications. This enables fast and intuitive interaction with the simulation and environment.

Get started in minutes

Download the software, install it on your Windows PC and start simulating crowds. You do not need specialist technical knowledge to run SimCrowds. Learn the software without our help or contact us to get started.


Simulate in your own environment

All our users can import their 3D (FBX) models into SimCrowds to create their own simulation street or building floorplan. 3D models can be imported to create obstacles, such as walls, trees or other obstructions, or walkable areas, such as bridges, ramps and stairs.

The Netherlands at your fingertips

SimCrowds has made life easy for our Dutch users. Our Dutch experts can create any outside environment in SimCrowds in a matter of seconds by selecting an area from the Dutch geo-information database (Kadaster BGT). From Vlieland to Vaals or from Vriezeveen to Vlissingen, you can simulate your own environment in a few clicks.

Realistic crowd behaviour

SimCrowds allows you to easily create entry and exit areas for pedestrians at any place inside your 3D model. You then fill the 3D space with waypoints that serve as focus areas. These areas attract pedestrians and may trigger them to slow down or wait, resulting in the inevitable congestions.

Dynamic trial and error

The 3D objects from the existing library of the self-imported objects can be placed anywhere in the environment to redesign the public space. When this is done during an active simulation, the pedestrians will react dynamically to the changes in the environment, allowing for dynamic trial and error review of crowd management concepts.


Real-time simulation

SimCrowds brings the power of real-time crowd simulation to your desktop. In SimCrowds, you can simulate up to 150.000 pedestrians in real-time while having the ability to make direct influencing changes to their environment. Smaller crowds can be simulated faster than real-time.

Never wait for the result

Having real-time interaction with the pedestrians means you never have to wait for the simulation to calculate. Instead of waiting minutes or hours before the whole simulation has been computed, you instantly can see what the pedestrians are doing and you can make instant changes to the layout.

Analyse social distancing

Interested to analyse how your crowd flow behaves in 1.5-meter social distancing society? In SimCrowds, you can enable our social distancing option to let pedestrians keep a defined distance from each other, enabling you to see possible problems and congestions now more room is needed for the crowds.


Continuous development

Our software already has many features, but there is always more to implement. We extend SimCrowds regularly with new features requested by the community. Steer our software to your own needs. Next to this, we have big plans for crowd simulation in the future. Interested in updates? Let us know!

Pricing and licensing

SimCrowds is offered to you via either a monthly subscription or using pay-per-use credits. These options allow you full flexibility to use SimCrowds when you really need it. We also invite you to plan a free workshop to see and try SimCrowds for yourself. Send us a mail with your details and request or fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Simulation credits

Simulation credits utilize a pay-per-use system that gives you software time on-demand, paying only for the time you use it. After you bought the credits, credits will be subtracted from your balance for every minute of modelling or simulation in SimCrowds. Using credits, you can start using SimCrowds immediately.

All prices are exclusive tax if applicable. Prices are subject to change. You will need a credit card to buy credits within the platform.
One-time trial

For a one time purchase we offer you 500 credits for just 1 euro as a trial. Click the 'get started' button below to register your account and claim your trial credits. 100 credits is worth 1 hour of using SimCrowds.

Monthly license

A monthly license is a subscription system where you pay for an individual month. You can use the software unrestricted in paid months. Send us a mail with your details and request or fill in the form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


1 month
for €1.600

1 user license


3 months
for €3.300

1 user license


1 year
for €15.300

2 user licenses

All prices are exclusive tax if applicable. Prices are subject to change. By subscribing to a monthly license, you are purchasing a recurring subscription that will automatically renew until you actively stop it. Please contact us if you have an academic or shorter project than above time frames; we can discuss the possibilities.

Free workshop

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